Our Backyard Foundation ~living & giving locally~

Our Backyard Foundation Training Mission


Our Backyard Foundation Training Program is a group of endurance athletes who will train and race various athletic events in support of local charities.  All levels of experience are included.
The Purpose of Our Backyard Foundation Training Program  is to continue the growth and camaraderie between endurance athletes, building lasting relationships and at the same time supporting the local charities.  Our Backyard Training Program exists to help participants keep a healthy lifestyle of training and nutrition and continue the support of the many local Charities.

Fund Raising

Participants of Our Backyard Foundation training Program will train for an endurance event with coaches. While training they will raise money a local charity in which Our Backyard Foundation wants to help or are engaged with. Each event will have a different level of required Fund Raising.  As a registered participant with Our Backyard Foundation Training, you will receive an Our Backyard Foundation shirt & water bottle. You will be giving an online page to help raise money for the event.

Training & Coaching


Training will consist of a weekly training schedule, each participant will get at the first group training session.  We will meet as a group each Saturday or Sunday at 3 different locations in Central Florida (Trotwood Park in Winter Springs, Blue Jacket Park in Baldwin Park and Clermont Killarney Station or Water Front Park).  At the first group training for each event we will have a kick off. Here we will meet and greet with the other participants, get the schedule and talk about training.
We will have 3 coaches, to help meet your goals. 

Steps to Register

A. Register with Our Backyard Foundation
For each event you do as a participant with Our Backyard Foundation Training you will be required to pay a onetime $40.00 registration fee on Our Backyard Foundation web store.

Register Here

B. Register for the IOA 5k

1.       Goto  http://www.trackshack.com/page.php?id=128

2.       In the “Team Name” field enter “Backyard Dogs” and hit “Search”

3.       Select “Join” next to “Backyard Dogs”

4.       Complete the registration information and hit “Continue” at the bottom

5.       In the “Code” field enter “OBF ONE”
         (Note: If it ask if you are in employee, just select the button.)

6.       Complete the rest of the form.
          (Note:  In the “Company Position:” field select “Guest/Non-Employee”)

7.       Select the “Yes, I understand” button the then “Continue”

8.       Confirm your information and complete the payment section.