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OBF - Staten Island Testimonial

Posted by ourbackyardfoundation on November 15, 2012 at 8:55 PM

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With the help of many Our Backyard Foundationwas able to load a 16 foot truck and deliver to Staten Island. below is a letter of thanks.

"I would like to thank Our Backyard Foundation, especially Clint and Vickie Carbonneau, for being part of a huge grass roots effort to help rescue, rebuild and restore my beloved Staten Island. 

Fortunately, me and my family were lucky enough to escape the wrath of Superstorm Sandy without any real damage.  But my surrounding neighborhoods have been devastated.
Homes just literally washed away, lives lost and families in ruin.  I have been volunteering day and night along with the rest of my Staten Island community to help our fellow neighbors try to make sense and progress of what this storm has left.  It seems as though if not for the efforts of regular citizens, both local and out of state, not much would be getting down to help these families.
We still do not have an accurate body count of our perished.  And Staten Island makes up at least half of the death toll from this storm.
Our government agencies are failing our people.  But the amount of compassion and care from citizens is immense.  Without you, we could not make it.
After receiving a call from VH1's Carrie Keagan asking what is needed and where to transport, I realized that our plight is being heard across the nation.  So if our government won't help, at least we have each other. Soon after that call, Clint reached out and contacted me to coordinate the drop off and confirm the address. Never once was there a hint of strain or stress to maneuver through our beaten streets.  He and his wife Vickie took it in stride and delivered the much needed donated supplies with a smile and a hug.  Thankfully, the day of the delivery the temperature was up because I don't think Clint's toes would have survived in his sandals. :)
They helped us unload and sort and any supplies that we couldn't use, I gave Clint a secondary spot and he and Vickie were off and on their way with a smile.
I can not stress enough that knowing that other communities are willing to go to the lengths that your community has gives our victims hope and faith that things will get better and they will not be forgotten.

God bless you all.

Sincere and deep gratitude,
Carla Murino"

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